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Before and After Sales Support

        Council Approval and Engineering

Once a design has been finalised an engineering fee will be charged to release the engineering drawings for council approvals. Council approval and all related costs and fees are the responsibilty of the customer. This is calculated as 25% of the total kit price. Engineering drawings and certification will be available to the customer 24hrs after receipt of this payment. This is a non-refundable fee, however Kleva Kits will continue to work with the customer until council approval has been obtained. There is no obligation at this point to buy the kit.

         Refund Policy

Kleva Kits guarantees the quality of the kits provided. Should the quality not be to Australian Standards, a full refund will be offered. This does not include a refund if the customer builds outside the specifications supplied by Kleva Kits and approved by council. Further more, Kleva Kits cannot be held responsibleif the customer supplies information or data that is faulty or incorrect or in any way attempts to circumvent council regulations.

          Making Payments

Kleva Kits accepts two forms of payment. Direct Deposit by electronic transfer with banking details supplied with the quote or by contacting our support team. Or alternately by Visa or Mastercard through the B-Point system, processed by our support team as contactable below.