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General Terms and Conditions


These General Terms and Conditions of Sale (“Conditions”) shall apply to and form part of any contract for the supply of Products and materials by Kleva Kits ABN 92 620 715 755 to the purchaser.


1.      Quotations, orders and contracts

1.1    All quotations are made and all orders for Goods are accepted by Kleva Kits on the understanding that any advice or quotation offered is based on the information provided by the customer. Kleva Kit Pty ltd cannot accept responsibility for any advice given in good faith and based upon information supplied by the customer.

1.2    Kleva Kits Pty Ltd may withdraw, revoke or vary a written quotation at any time prior to the purchaser submitting an order which accepts the offer to sell?

1.3    Kleva Kits Pty Ltd reserves the right to accept or decline, in whole or in part, any order for Goods placed by a purchaser.

1.4    The agreement to supply Goods to the purchaser starts on the date Kleva Kits agrees to supply the Goods to the purchaser. This may not be the date the order is received by Kleva Kits.

2.      Price

2.1    The price of Goods will be Kleva Kit’s current price at the time of delivery.

2.2    Prices quoted will be exclusive of GST. GST will be calculated and advised to the customer at the time of quotation, order and order acceptance...

2.3    The price of Goods specified by Kleva Kits in any quotation:

(a)    Will remain valid for a period of 30 days for an order made by the purchaser in accordance with the quotation, unless otherwise specified

(b)    Is subject to any other conditions specified in the quotation.

2.4    The purchaser must pay GST at the same time as payment for Goods is made.

2.5    Unless otherwise agreed, prices do not include the cost of delivery of Goods.

2.6    Unless otherwise requested by the purchaser in writing, prices quoted provide for standard packing by Kleva Kits or its suppliers

3.      Payment/Refund policy

3.1    Unless Kleva Kits grants credit to the purchaser, payment for Goods purchased must be made by the purchaser in full prior to dispatch.

3.2    The purchaser shall ensure that payment for the Goods is made to Kleva Kits in accordance with these terms and conditions having read and agreed to the terms and conditions.

3.3    Kleva Kits reserves the right to charge late payment fees of $150 per month or 5 % per month compound interest on any amount overdue from the date it became due to the date.

3.4    Payments made by credit card may be subject to a surcharge, if  the card used incurs such a charge the client will be advised

3.5    Should Kleva Kits fail to meet these terms and conditions by failing to deliver, or deliver product which is agreed to be  faulty and below industry standard , a full refund will be offered upon return of the goods .   

4.      Specifications, materials or special orders

4.1    All descriptions, specifications, illustrations, drawings, data, dimensions and weights contained in catalogues, price lists or other advertising matter of Kleva Kits or elsewhere are approximations only.

4.2    Unless otherwise stated on a quotation, Goods will be supplied by Kleva Kits suppliers (BlueScope) within the tolerances in regard to quantity, weight, dimension and chemical composition as specified in the relevant order or, if not specified, as consistent with usual industry practice. Goods will be fit for the particular purpose

5.      Delivery and Risk

5.1    Unless otherwise agreed, Kleva Kits shall deliver Goods to the address supplied by the purchaser as follows:

(a)    Reserving the right to arrange transport by any means at its absolute discretion.

(b)    Delivery will be made during Working Hours to the location agreed.

(c)     Will deliver the Goods to the site nominated by the customer.


6.      Damage, Inaccuracies and Defects

6.1    The purchaser shall check all Goods received immediately and in the presence of the transporter, and no later than 24 hours after delivery shall notify Kleva Kits in writing of any damage to the delivered product. Kleva Kits will replace any product which is damaged during the supply and delivery. The ownership, care and responsibility for the product after acceptance of delivery transfers to the purchaser on signed acceptance of the product being delivered by the appointed Kleva Kits transport company.  

6.2    The purchaser agrees that any and all advice is accepted by the purchaser entirely at the purchaser’s risk; Kleva Kits will not accept responsibility for any failure to install the Goods in accordance with Kleva Kits recommended fixing procedures as published and provided.

6.3    Nothing in these Conditions shall constitute Kleva Kits as a subcontractor of the purchaser. Kleva Kits’s obligations are limited to those of a material supplier.

6.4    Kleva Kits and the purchaser may conduct business by Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Agreement to which they are parties and into which these Conditions of sale are incorporated.


7.      Interpretation

In these Conditions:

Business Day means Monday to Friday (inclusive) excluding public holidays at the place of delivery.

Consumer means a person who acquires Goods from Kleva Kits.

GST means the tax payable on Taxable Supplies within the meaning of the GST Act;

Purchaser means a person, or company, who acquires Goods from Kleva Kits, and includes a Consumer.

Working Hours means between 7.00am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday (inclusive) excluding public holidays at the place of Delivery.