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About Us

Kleva Kit Home Improvements - 
add outdoor living and value to your home!

You may simply want a decking or patio area or add a covering structure.
Maybe you want to offer shelter to your car, boat or even family or guests in the garden and outdoor areas.
Design for purpose and build with a Kleva Kit.
The people at Kleva Kits have designed and installed countless outdoor living areas and carports.

We offer our design expertise to help you build your own using our Kleva Kit.

Get a quote for one of our ready to build Kits - quick and easy!  

All Kleva Kits are designed for purpose and prefabricated against the size and design chosen.
You simply erect and or attach to your existing structure.
Follow the accompanying instruction on how to build.
If council approval has yet to be given, use the engineering diagrams we provide (25% deposit to be paid).
Now check if you simply want a standard size and we will quote today.

Want our help to design something different? Simply click `Get a quote`, fill in your details and we will develop a specific design meeting your needs. We will price it today and email or call you with a quote.

Feel Comfortable with your purchase!

OK, maybe you are a little apprehensive, but rest assured that our experience coupled with our Australian manufacturing partners’ product quality and engineering you will be assembling a high quality home improvement and very Kleva Kit.

We have two methods of payment available. Either pay by credit card or simply transfer funds electronically, with all details supplied with your first quote.

Your design and built for purpose Kleva Kit will be ordered by us, packed by the manufacturer and delivered to your home ready for you to build. Depending on your location, this will take 10 -14 working days from date of payment.
There will be no profit on profit and the price you are offered will be inclusive of that delivery.  

And in case you have questions???

Our reputation is our greatest selling tool, so our after sales service is of great importance to us.
We will be happy to help with any advice you may have missed when you ordered your Kit - even for two months after receiving your specific Kleva Kit.

Why wait? Let’s get started!

Pick your ready to order standard design or click on `Get a quote` and tell us what you want!

Be Kleva before summer, or be Kleva by adding warmth to your home the entire year, get your house in order or simply get out the house. Improve the outside with our fully design and built for purpose living. Don’t cover the boat, put the boat under cover, and protect that car. Or simply sit on the deck with a roof that’s over your head...