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Quality Kits for DIY Home Extensions and Outdoor Living Spaces

Kleva Kits will deliver to your home address any outdoor home improvement extensions kit.

Pick from a range of standard designs and sizes or you can either send us your design or have us help you with the design …. All online. Carports, Pergolas, Patios and Decks...all with a wide range of roofing products ready to install, or designed for purpose.

Kleva Kits can and will supply the engineering required for council approval. Receive a complete and well documented kit with erecting drawings and instructions.

You will be building your own outdoor home improvement, but there will always be a voice at the end of our phone to help if you get into difficulties. 

We have been building the very same kits we will send you for over 25 years so we know exactly how much you will save by installing the easy to follow build instructions which come with your Kleva Kit.

A summary of what will be supplied by Kleva Kits...

  • Designed to Australian standard and conditions...
  • Order a standard size or design together with us the an Innovative fit for purpose Kleva Kit
  • Comprehensive engineering.
  • Well documented and easy to follow build/erecting instructions.
  • All materials supplied are backed by our Australian manufacturing partners

Carport, Pergola, Patio, Deck or covered area of any design, all can be supplied from the extensive range of Kleva Kits. In our 25 year history of design and build we have had many design challenges; so far we have managed to build them all.